ToOldForThis, as she so often does, inspired me to do a random photo blog. And her Sammy’s monkey painting inspired me to dig this out of the archives.

I did the drawing with one of those whippy ball point pens and then colored it with marker colored pencil and gouache. The intention was to do the alphabet, but I’m an ENTP so I lost interest after Hippo and Monkey.

lionne has a picture of herself in ’71, that’s me in ’70. I’m the one with the moustache.

That’s me on a fishing trip in Colorado. The town is Hotchkiss. Mountain Man refers to it as Crotchkiss. That’s his sister’s house. Does it look like I’m having a good time?

Finally, some of my tennis buds. Folks from drills last night. The guy in the back is the pro, he’s a great teacher, I think I’m going to have him work with Q. The other three and I hung out after drills and played a set, boys against girls. We won but it wasn’t easy. The woman with the cap and the bearded guy are a couple and I think maybe the pro and the dark haired woman are as well. Just getting to know them.

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  1. Sheesh, that 70’s photo looks something like a Manson family reunion — and I don’t mean Marilyn. (just kidding!)
    I totally love the hippo drawing!!!  I would so buy a book of the alphabet with your drawings in it.  Maybe you could finish up from where you left off?

  2. i always like it when you post your art work.  i’m insanely envious of anyone who can draw better than me — which is everybody because my talent goes no farther than a smilie face.  i used to spend hours of my childhood at the kitchen table doing paint-by-numbers.  even those would turn out very bad.

  3. man, you have the best 70s photos ever.  ever!  moremoremore, and not becuase i like to photoshop people’s faces onto other bodies.  really. 

    and yeah, i’d buy an alpahbet book from you.  especially if it was for grownups. 

  4. Great pic.  I was ten years old and thought the world was about to end from pollution, war, and social unrest.

    Man… Rick Wakeman sure liked to party, wouldn’t even put it down for the pic…  (and that’s probably not a guy, and one of your best friends ever.  shutting up now)

  5. I’d take a copy of the book too, just to have something from someone cool. And older than me.  Heh.. 

  6. great pictures! i wonder if i should accept that when i lose interest in something, i need to let go. i’d done a test before to determine my acronym–can’t think of the name, but don’t remember what it is.

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