Indications that I’m getting senile

At Quinn’s graduation party, an all night affair at the Blaine Sports Center, I was dealing blackjack. I found it difficult to ad up the numbers. I can do fairly complicated math in my head. But I was having problems with 7+5. I had a group of young girls at my table for about an hour. They kept calling me Bob. Some of them I knew from youth soccer and I thought they knew me through Quinn. I was flattered. Later Quinn was at my table and I mentioned that to her. She rolled her eyes and pointed at my name tag.

I keep forgetting my password at work. Drawing a complete blank. I type it twenty times a day. And every time I have to hesitate.

I left the gas grill on to burn off the crap after I made some ribs this weekend. I never went back out and turned it off. Used up a full tank of propane.

I keep mixing up the names of my daughter’s boyfriends, calling Andrew Patrick and Patrick Andrew. My father used to call me Bill all the time. That’s my brother’s name.

3 thoughts on “Indications that I’m getting senile

  1. I had customers for 14 years and could never remember their names. Sadly, they’d all come in and say Hi Mark! and I’d just have a blank look on my face.

  2. I do fine with names until it’s formal introduction time, the it’s also brainlock time for me. *wham* the vault is closed for business.

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