Good news, Lucia was accepted into the Graphic Design program in the College of Design at Iowa State. They start out with over 200 declared majors and whittle it down to 60 after freshman year. It’s one of the best programs in the midwest, if not the nation. I’ve worked with lots of grads and you can really tell they’re well trained. I’m so proud of her. I suppose that we were pretty confident that she’d get in, since she has about a 3.6 gpa and had -A s in two of her three design courses, but at least we don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Of all people I should know that a career in GD isn’t neccessarily a bowl of cherries, but I’ve been saying that she was born to be a designer since she was about five. At an early age she had this facination with symetry, she would draw a rectangle and start decorating it with little abstract paisly like images, drawing them in mirror image to make the design symetrical. Kind of spooky actually. Once in about fourth grade she had a project to make a poster. Her subject was tigers. She got orange construction paper and painted black stripes on it. Then she pasted photos on it and hand lettered the poster, wrapping the type around the photos. That’s when I knew. I felt compelled to let the teacher know that I hadn’t helped her. Another time she took all of the barbies and assorted other dolls and arranged them in a tableau as if for a photo shoot. It looked like it was done by a seasoned art director.

OK that’s my quota of kid bragging. Later I’ll tell you how cool Quinn is.

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  1. of course she sounds like a “Yalie” in her dedication to structure… she might might grad school at RISD or SVA to make her crazy

  2. My thoughts exactly. And that makes her fit right in at ISU, they’re kind of Swiss,,,must be the dairy cattle. She’s left handed though and I think she has it in her to jump out of the box.

  3. My art advisor – back in undergrad days – had gone to both Yale (ok, don’t all design profs come from Yale?) and RISD. It allowed for a healthy schizophrenia.

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