I was in great self indulgent form today. I went out to buy some art supplies. And I came home with a guitar. I dropped into Music-Go-Round and when I saw this axe I thought now that’s a pretty guitar, a Gretch, it was priced way below what I’d expect to pay. Considerably below what I was figuring to spend for a folk guitar, something I, well needed is probably too strong a word. Now you have to understand that I’m not a rich man and I just popped for a camera. It was funny, me on the phone in the music store trying to sweet talk my wife into not killing me if I brought it home. I appealed to her love of good deals and it’s one of those instruments that dresses up a room, so I risked a couple of weeks of domestic unrest and now I own a Gretsch Hawaiian Style acoustic guitar with built in pick-ups so I can play through an amp.

Yesterday on Public Radio I heard someone talking about blogging. I can’t remember who it was and I can’t identify the source of the quote he used but here it is. “The only people that have freedom of the press are the ones who own one.” Or something like that. His focus was the way that bloggers are effecting the presidential campaign, but I think what he’s saying applys to blogging and the internet in general. It’s a new paradigm for publishing. It’s never been easier or cheaper to publish to a huge audience. So, blog brothers and sisters, BRING IT ON!

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  1. Gah, I hate politics.  But the rest of you can go on while I photoshop..  it’s time again.

  2. I was thinking of Blogging as a means of publishing about whatever. I’d be the last guy to want to start a big Pol thing. Not my deal. I’m a confused liberal leftover from the 60’s. I was trying to say it’s a medium for folks like us. Be it Photoshop fun, poetry, fishing or cutting bait.

  3. hey. first things first… nice guitar. i would ask you to be my friend, but you might see through me, and realize that i just want to get close to that guitar

    i don’t have much money, so i don’t usually get guitars myself. i have just two, the most essential set of excellent guitars. i have a fender strat and an acoustic electric ovation. very simple, but powerful set. i figure i don’t need to get anything else if i practice nonstop. i can make anything sound good. of course, procrastination (that great poster you have) is what breaks down that logic. sigh, but i’m sure you know about that too.

    also, your problogging rhetoric is something that needs to be discussed. though doing it now, i see it, as essentially a problem, just like alchohol. and i drink heavily myself it’s good in limited amounts, but excess causes damage, and restraining orders and such of which i have none… yet. lol.

    take care. talk to you soon.

  4. Oh, I really need to pick up my guitar again and attempt some progress.  And yeah, isn’t it funny when you hear people mention blogging in some public forum?  It makes me feel self-conscious, as if they were talking about teachers or procrastinators or my cousin.

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