What I’m thankful for:

My family. My wonderful creative daughters who have fled the nest and seem to be thriving and the young men they’re in relationships with, who are also creative and decent guys. My wife who is so many great things, beautiful and tolerant to name a couple. I’m thankful that I found someone to put up with me for these thirty some years.

My family’s health. And mine. I’m thankful that I’ve had Crohn’s for almost 40 years and my intestines are still intact. I’m thankful that after a nasty infection and five surgeries on my leg, I’m alive, have two legs that sort of bend and I can walk. And I’m thankful for the meds that my brain chemicals properly balanced and a safe distance from the brink.

I’m thankful for this country and the freedom and prosperity it’s provided. And to the men and women in the military who put everything on the line to defend it.

I’m thankful for the sound that my Strat makes with the switch at four, the tone turned all the way up, the reverb at 7 and the tone knobs at 10 on the Princeton Reverb amp, when I dig into the strings with the pick and just brush them with my thumb as it goes by. I’m thankful for my Carbon Acoustic guitar, which stays in tune and puts up with my neglect and still sounds great.

I’m thankful for Mac OS and Adobe.

I’m thankful for RH Donnely going into Chapter 11 and making my decision to leave so much easier.

I could go on and on.

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