I’m seriously brain dead. I can’t think of a single thing to write about. Or at least nothing that could possibly hold anyones interest. I know, that’s never stopped me before you say. I could mention that Q got letters from Duke, Columbia, and U of Chicago yesterday, but then I’d be one of those obnoxious parents that goes on and on about the brilliance of their offspring. I could write about my snobby affluent book group of which I’m the token suburban schmuck, but that’s for another time, I don’t have the energy to take on that subject now. I could write about how sick of winter I am, but I’ve already done that, and I’d just sound like a whiner. I could write about the Gopher women getting their asses kicked at Ohio State, but then I’d have to go vomit. I’m certainly not going to write about Janet Jackson’s right tit. I could write about all kinds of work stuff, but that has to stay off limits or at least couched in mysterious general terms. And besides there is nothing about my job that could interest anyone. So with not much else to say, here’s wishing you all a great weekend!
Adios commrades.

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  1. yeah, i know what it is like to be brain dead.  that’s the way i felt last night staring at a blank page in word, trying come up with words to write.  i think i ended up with 75.  i was hoping to get 750.

  2. I’m really glad you didn’t write about that stuff… and more!  I didn’t read anything about religion, murder or politics here either.

    You’re a virtual wellspring of non-info today.  I’m so very glad about that.

    Enjoy your weekend as WELL!!

  3. But wasn’t it Janet’s right boob?

    And thank you for your comments on the blog I wrote yesterday. Much appreciated, they were.

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