Iowa not only has a lower speed limit than Minnesota, it has a lot more highway cops.

My new car cruises easily at 90, and only turns 4000 at 110. I was tailing a 325i at about 80, knowing that the cops would always stop the beemer first, when two guys came up behind us in little sporty cars, a chevy and a toyota of some kind. We were passing slower traffic and things got a little crowded for awhile and then they blew by us on the open road. I couldn’t resist so I went after them and blew by them in about a mile. I then pulled over and let them go by. OK so I’m immature. But the car can do that AND fit all of Lucia’s stuff in the back for the ride home. Sport Wagon indeed!

I’ve heard the story a hundred times before. Lucia says that most of her male friends are missing at least one body part. One of her friends lost his foot up the the ankle. Seven, auger, shoelace. He was on the ISU football team until he decided he needed to hit the books harder if he was going into Vet Med.

Lucia had just come off her first all nighter. I’m amazed she got through all but one night of freshman year. She must be better at planning than I was. She was putting her portfolio together for her design school application. She gashed herself with an Exacto knife. When she dropped off the portfolio, the faculty that was taking them in tood one look and identified the wound. I guess that it’s a designer’s rite of passage.

One of her friends bought a goat for her brother’s birthday. They had to smuggle into the dorms and keep it hidden for four days. It’s a baby goat, three months old. It’s a breed that’s known as a fainting goat. When they’re startled their legs go stiff and they fall over. They were trying to get it to faint but they were the one’s that ended up rolling on the floor with laughter.

We are hosting Quinn’s prom dinner. I haven’t figured out the menu yet but it should be a lot of fun. Maybe I’ll rent a tux and play a high class waiter.

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  1. First all nighter? That shows good planning. When I was an undergrad art student they just gave us keys to the building, we were all ther, most nights in the last three weeks of each “quarter.” I figured it was “the creative hours.”

    Nice to have them home though, really.

  2. mostly. I usually read from within WYNN even if I’m also surfing via Firefox. Typically I keep ReadPlease open for quick listens if I just have Firefox running.

  3. the goat thing.
    i love.

    Graveyard, my ass. You are a cool fucking hero.
    That is a great name
    And you will rock a great dinner, no doubt.

    Thanks for your thoughts on my work situation. I know you know the industry. I am part of the largest agency in San Francisco, we’re about 600 strong now. When I started we were 230… it’s been a wild ride.

    I’m going to try to hang in there.

  4. Must feel great to have both girls home. Just like old times eh? I think I might hide myself in one of the cardboard boxes my kids pack for college.


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