Warning: Kid Bragging

I just hate it when people do this.

Lucia’s coming home from school today. It’ll be nice to have her home. Until she starts straightening up my office that is. My daughters are turning out to be pretty creative. Although I guess I always knew that. I’ve been saying that Lucia was born to be a designer. And that Quinn was born to be an actress. Lucia’s proving me out, Quinn hasn’t pursued her theatrical side directly, but that sense of drama and her vision translate into real strength in her other endeavors. Right now she’s doing pottery. When I say her vision, I mean she’s a bona fide visionary. You can tell when she’s describing her latest pottery project, that it’s appearing before her, her eyes are on it and she points to features as if we can all could see.  She’s shown ability in photography, film and is a great writer. Plus she very quickly catches on to any task that requires a combination of mental acuity and dexterity. Playing outside defender in soccer, a position requiring great speed, which she doesn’t have, she used her mind and excellent technique and strength to become a wall allowed very few balls to get down the line.

Lucia is a genius about how space works. As very young child she would make complex symmetrical drawings, casually creating mirror images of little abstract doodles. She’s kind of a minimalist by nature, her work is clean and sparse and right on. With a very well developed sense of how to convey information visually. Plus she’s blessed with discipline and drive. She didn’t get that from me.

We should all be collaborating on projects.

2 thoughts on “Warning: Kid Bragging

  1. Well, they take after their father and it doesn’t hurt that they’ve got Norwegian blood coursing through their veins. 🙂

    You three should open a design firm.

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