First, the power window on my car is broken. It won’t go up unless I give it a manual assist. Difficult in traffic, particularly since it’s a manual transmission. I knew it must be time for auto repairs, I was just starting to think I was going to get my credit card paid off. Dang.

I got a haircut on Saturday. The woman who cuts my hair is tiny, pierced and tattooed. She’s a very young single mom with two kids a little younger than mine. We talk about parenting. We pretty much see things eye to eye. She’s great. But she forgot to trim my ear hairs. One of the things age does to you is destroy your close up eyesight about the same time it starts producing hairs in places where they never really grew that much before. I’m sure you’ve all seen the look. So there I am walking around with pretty much white sidewalls and long curly hairs, the only dark ones on my head, are sticking out from the tops of my massive pink ears. I think your ears continue to grow as you get older as well. Think about Lyndon Johnson. I put my reading glasses on and looked in the mirror and realized the hairs in my nostrils needed a good trim as well. So I says to myself, I wonder what google has to say about nose hair. I found toys and art. As well as a dizzying array of devices devoted keeping your nostrils clean cut. Remember the scene in L. A. Confidential when the chief or whoever was trimming his nose hairs just before they hung him out of the window? That really impressed me. Rich guys almost never have those hairs. Do their barbers remember to trim them? Do they wax? Are they rich because they’re compulsively well groomed or is it the other way around?
The nose hair movie reminds that I stated earlier that I was going to explain my career as an in-betweener. I’ll get to that tomorrow.
Later, youngsters.

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  1. i am a freak about body hair.  it’s like, so ew.  i have decided that the nostril hairs will be next to disappear.  even though, like most of my other hair, only i can see it. 

  2. very, um, distinguished picture.

    i’ve discovered that wait staff in new orleans is very good at remember return customers.  i don’t drink rum, so i don’t drink hurricanes, and the one bartender would remember that.  he’d always ask “cyclone or bloody mary this time?”  okay, so we were there more than once 🙂  we hope to go back for jazz fest again but it probably won’t happen until we’re empty nesters.

  3. If rache tells herself that long enough, maybe one day she’ll even believe it.

    But yeah, I’m hearin’ ya, bkeller. My husband’s at the luxuriant-and-wiry-ear-and-nose-and-eyebrow-hair stage of life himself. He kind of likes to let those suckahs wave unfettered in the breeze until the kids and I start pointing and laughing.

  4. I hear that the nose and ears never stop growing.  That’s a frightening prospect, really.  As is the notion that the fine, jutting hairs I can already find on my ears, will in time be something I can actually groom.

  5. rache is wrong, we can all see her nostril hair in almost every picture.

    Well, in all the pictures I make..  for..  now on.

  6. Many things about my car appear to be broken today, and me too, a kid going to college next year, so it’s going to have to last. So I’ve been depressed. But I’ve been writing because then I can make my own world up. But not about nose hair.

  7. I cut my husband’s hair and one time his mother pointed out that his barber forgot to trim the hair on the back of his neck… needless to say I don’t forget anymore.

  8. I would say that the trimming of one’s nose and ear hair should be done by oneself, not a barber.  I am not sure that I would want to “grant that priviledge to anyone.  Besides who would want to trim other people’s nose and ear hair????

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