Strange Hair Growth Phenomenon

It seems that some alien force is sucking the hair out of the folicals on top of my head and forcing it out through my ears! Next they’ll be stealing my bodily fluids.

4 thoughts on “Strange Hair Growth Phenomenon

  1. Was it Billy Crystal’s character in City Slickers that said “I’m losing hair where I want hair, and getting hair where I don’t.”

  2. look right above my temples in my profile pic…

    yeah, it is going byebye

    and i have such cool hair


    somewhere i must have pissed off god….

  3. My husband laments the loss of his top of the head hair, as well as the subsequent onset of the new fur coat on his back.  Life is a freaking riot, huh?  Anyway, I think both of you are handsome.  But then again, my eyesight ain’t what it used to be, either, LOL.

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