Smilestone. er Milestone Reached
Forgive the aweful pun. Or don’t. It’s a big moment here on the edge of the graveyard. The youngest got her braces off, we are an Orthodontia Free Family! Now you might think that this frees up some money for us, but I got real creative with financing this miracle of oral engineering. I couldn’t tell you if I’ve already paid for it or I’m going to be paying for it for the rest of my life. We seem to move debt around like a frisbee on Venice Beach. Just about everyone these days has some experience with braces. Suffered through the pain of torn lips, the pain of newly tightned torture devices, the pain of monthly payment. Anybody ever get locked up when kissing your girlfriend who had braces as well? I never got in many fights, but it seems like the ones I got into were when I had braces. Bloodbath, literally. And of course there was the great sacrifice of not chewing gum for a couple of years. Yeah right, everybody stuck to that rule.
Have you noticed how many more adults are doing braces these days. There’s a woman in my office who I thought was a crabby bitch for the longest time, but then I realized she never smiled cause she had braces on. Turns out shes actually one of the bright lights in the crowd. My kids admitted that it’s not fair but the way you look is important. Which, I think is a good reason for me to trim my ear and nose hairs more often.
Adios fellow travellers.

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  1. I never had braces, but my younger sister did and I was so utterly jealous with her ! Alas, I was cursed with straight teeth.

    Apropos shoe-box memorabilia, there’s such a box on my desk. I find that looking at old photographs is tre`s inspiring. Whenever I get stuck in my writing, I turn to the photographs. I always intend to organize them in photo albums, but for some reason, I just can’t find the right album, you know ? So in the box they remain.

  2. the boy got braces this summer.  this is a first for our family.  a real first, as neither nor the husband nor any of our siblings had braces.  nor did my cousins who were like siblings.  now my stepsister had them, but she got them off about a month after she became my stepsister, so i never think of her in braces.  the daughter didn’t need them.  she has the most beautiful teeth in the world.  but the boy . . . i don’t know what happened with him.

  3. My wife had braces.  I am hoping to save our kid from the Cult “O” Braces.

    Debt is great.  NOT!!

  4. life of pi?  I was actually going to pick up that book about a couple month ago… but I don’t thinK i had money in my wallet at that time… maybe I should read it… thanks for the comment and the recommnedation

  5. Ahh, the joy of getting braces removed.  For parents, especially, that is, yes.  Ours is coming up on getting some on, which will time nicely with college payments for the other.  So um, my elder, when does the money stop hemorrhaging?

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