Whoa. That was truly ugly. It was as if lisazaren went to a Dylan concert and he had laryngitis.

The Gopher Women got their asses handed to them by Michigan State. At the Barn no less. When I left with about two minutes remaining the were down by thirty and were 0 for 17 from the arc. Liz Podominek was in street clothes, but that shouldn’t have made that much difference. Weaknesses were exposed. Like outside shooting for instance. It’s real hard to beat a zone if you can’t hit from the perimeter. This pretty much blows their chances for the Big 10 title. And will hurt their seeding in both the conference tournament and the NCAAs.

I thought the woman who sits next to me was going to cry.

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  1. Sorry pal, but I’m kind of gettin’ into the way McCallie has turned that program around. Who’d think you’d find a great basketball coach at Maine. But then, they hired Jud out of Montana and that worked out.

  2. She’s pretty cute too.

    Oops…that’s not politically correct is it.

    It’s all about the players, and she’s got some good ones. I really like the guards.

  3. The margin surprised me too. That’s never been an easy place to play.

    College coaching, of course, is much more than half about getting the players, and I wondered how someone with Northwestern and Maine on her resume was going to do recruiting. But she’s pulled in some great players. They seem together and pretty flexible when situations change and, of course, damn, I love a great zone defense.

    Cute too, absolutely.

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