I finally saw the mystery neighbor.

Yes, we have a mystery neighbor. Last summer our long time neighbors to the east, with three teenage boys found themselves expecting a fourth child. They decided to sell the house, which they had just finished remodeling. I’m pretty sure the main reason was that they couldn’t put up with my lax lawn care standards, but that’s another story.

So they sold the house in the late fall and moved out. I have not seen a human being over there since. I see an occasional light on. The driveway gets shoveled. I’ve seen cars parked on it, but rarely. Last weekend I saw a bedraggled English sheep dog in the yard. When the old neighbor told me about the sale, she described a couple with high end jobs, one was a patent attorney, I think, which surprised me because folks like that usually live on the other side of 169 in Plymouth. Which is where they were moving from. However recent local scuttlebutt says that it’s a single mom. Putting two and two together, or one and one apart, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a divorce situation.

Yesterday, I was home at noon for my usual lunch and twenty minute nap, which was interrupted when Quinn came home from school, having ditched the pep fest in favor of shopping. She was sitting at the counter eating lunch and I was in the kitchen trying to strike up a conversation before I went back to the office. She suddenly blurted, “Oh my god, there’s someone on the deck.” Call me paranoid, but I thought she meant that there was an intruder on our deck, about to crash through the sliding door and murder us. But when I looked out the glass doors I saw a woman on the deck next door, smoking a cigarette. For some reason, I thought I would be invisible to her, behind that glass on a sunny day. But our eyes met and rather than acknowledge her, I stepped back out of her line of sight. Great way to start things out with the new neighbor, if that’s what she was. I’m sure she’s already thinking of me as that nosey old bastard next door. Or maybe she’s thinking, “Wow, I moved in next to an incredibly sexy man!”

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  1. sounds like you have the same mystery neighbor we do.  we never see her, either, but we know she’s there because she parks her car on the street.  i guess her garage and driveway aren’t good enough for her car?

  2. well I must say I’m terribly glad nobody crashed through the sliding door to murder you guys, but perhaps you ought to go over and introduce your family to the semi-new neighbor?  My folks never got around to doing this sort of thing in our new (year and a half) neighborhood, so we seem to be the strange military family that knows no one else in the area.  Ah well, at least we have a loud dog to keep the crazy neighbors at bay…


  3. Ha ha. Yes, of course she is thinking: wow, I moved in next to an incredibly sexy man!

    My mystery neighbor who I thought for the past four years was gay just got married. The neighborhood kids gave me the scoop.


  4. my old neighbor was a 78 year old crack dealer.  i am not joking.  there were alwasy people going in and out of her house at all hours.  the funniest thing was when a big ass lincoln got stuck in her driveway, ’cause they parked kinda sideways and coudln’t turn around.  then the cops started trailing her and watching our houses…

    she disapeared last september and then crazy dave moved in…

    then he got kicked out…

    and now there is another ex-con just out of the slammer next to me on my right, and an ex-con on my left…

    man do i feel safe…

    they touch the x-box and they are all dead!!!

  5. jus reading a previous comment about liberal/conservative… not all of us right wing fruit cakes/nut jobs as we so often get called have any ties or relationships with these bigots, fascists, homophobes, or what not… some of us just hold true to older values, normal values, and think that a person is responsible enough to make their own decisions without having to have someone hold their hand…  i neither like the far far far right nor the commie pinko left…

  6. I mentioned you in my recent post.  It’s real small and brief, but I just thought I’d let you know, neighbor.


    ps. Speaking of neighbors, have ya’ll met her yet?

  7. Matt mentioned you in his recent post. It’s real small and bried, but he just thought he’d let you know, neighbor.


    p.s. Speaking of updates, where’s yours?

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