whalen2003jMacandLwLast night at the Gopher Women’s game against Iowa State, I was two feet away from Lindsay Whalen! Our seats are in the front row of the balcony at Williams Arena, and in front of that is a press row, that is usaully empty for women’s games. Down a little way, at center court, is where the radio announcers sit. At half time she came up to do an interview. I saw her coming toward me along the press bench and thought that she was the runner that brings stats to the radio people. Then I thought, that girl looks familiar. As she went by I had her and the banner hanging from the cieling commemorating the retirement of her jersey right in my line of site. Then as she went by, I confirmed her identity by checking out her butt. Yep, awesome glutes, it’s her. I’ve had brushes with fame before, Art Garfunkel and Dick Gregory in Central Park and peeing with Ted Turner at the ’91 World Series, but so far that’s by far the most exciting. When she was returning to her seat she touched my jacket that was laying on the press bench. When she had already passed me I said, “MVP next year Lindsay?” She turned and cracked a smile.

OK OK I’m a little wierd.

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