Woohoo! Eleven days off for the price of four! And the family’s spending Christmas in Mexico.

Today, on public radio, I heard a feature about a guy who never spends money, gets everything he needs from dumpsters. I don’t think he was indigent, it was more of a political statement for him. They were interviewing him about his Christmas shopping. He said he wouldn’t want to give a gift that was tainted by profit. Tainted by profit? WTF. OK maybe Christmas has become too commercial, maybe our society is a little too materialistic. But profit is not EVIL! If there weren’t profit to be made….the stores he’s freeloading off wouldn’t be there to fill up his dumpsters. If there were no profits to be made we’d all be looking for food….and there’d be no fucking dumpsters to dive in.

Oh and another thing. People who second guess your medical treatment really bug me. I’m sorry…where was it you went to med school? As far as I’m concerned, when you get free advice, you’re getting what you paid for!!!

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  1. I agree with the philosophy of reduce, reuse, and recycle, but c’mon.  He NEVER spends ANY money, and gets EVERYTHING he needs out of dumpsters?  That smacks of mental illness to me.  But pay no mind to me, cuz I don’t have a full fledged degree either.

    Have fun in Mexico.  Feliz Navidad.

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