Merry Christmas

Or the felicitations of whatever way you choose to celebrate the Winter Solstice. The family, Lucia, her bf David, Quinn and Rebecca are curled up around the artificial fire, by the artificial Christmas tree watching a Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist, which is not a movie about a wise guy Greek detective, his equally smart ass wife and  their dog Asta, or about my great nephew and niece, who are also Greek, in part.

My daughters have grown up. They aren’t mean to each other anymore, there hasn’t been a single fight. In fact they seem to be goading each other into hysterical laughter most of the time. This is even considering we’ve been pretty much housebound because of the blizzard.

Everyone love there presents, the young folks made a snowman while I wrestled the snowblower through heavy snow. I threw a rib roast in the oven and it’s fragrance is starting to fill the house. I got a subscription to “Cook’s Illustrated” for Christmas and they had a rib roast recipe in the issue they gave me… but I didn’t follow it. It included Yorkshire pudding, which I just didn’t have the ambition to attempt.

Things are good here, hope they are for you too.

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