This is how some people feel about winter around here. After a long run of fairly mild winters, this one seems to be packing some of the punch of the winters of my youth. Lots of snow, long periods of below zero temps, the kind of weather that makes people feel like the snow sculptor featured above. I was doing pretty well with winter this year. I have a theory that if you are out in the cold, don’t let it make you cringe and shiver, stand up to it and it doesn’t make you so uncomfortable. And on the snow removal side of the equation, my neighbor has a huge snowblower that he loves to use so much that he blows out my driveway for me when we get a big snow. So I was rolling through pretty well until I had a flair up of my Crohn’s disease right when the bottom fell out of the temperatures. Among other things, Crohn’s makes it hard to stay warm and saps your energy. For about three weeks I was really hating winter, I was cold all the time, I never went outside and I always had about ten layers of clothing on. I’m feeling better now and yesterday I went out to clean up my driveway, shovel the snow that the plow had pushed onto it and get off the light dusting we had gotten overnight. It was about 15 degrees and sunny, the driveway faces south so the snow wasn’t rock hard. After about 45 minutes of shovelling, helped by my amazingly cheerfull daughters, the driveway was pristine. And I was feeling great. It’s so invigorating to get out there on a day like that. Plus it’s February. How much longer can it last. And I have crocuses planted in my lawn. It’s gonna look so cool when they come up!

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  1. The amazing things one can do with snow and some warm socks! Although DC hasn’t had much snow this year, I am just SO DAMN tired of the lack of light.  It makes me airheaded, sleepy and cranky.  I keep dreaming about the Caribbean . . .

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