Be careful what you wish for

snow-blower---1Last Tuesday I lamented the lack of snow here. Well we got almost 9 inches yesterday. I’m sitting here drinking coffee pondering the task of blowing out the driveway. It’s really not much effort because I have a big ass snowblower. I bought it from a guy who was moving to California. He’d gotten it the year before and never really had the chance to use it. It didn’t really snow much that year. So I got a virtually new snowblower for less than half price.

I used to think shoveling a big pile of snow from my driveway was good exercise. Screw that. If I need exercise, I’ll go to the gym. I wonder what the stats are for people having heart attacks while shoveling. At least if I keel over on the treadmill at the Y, they have defibrillators and presumably people who are trained in first aid. I heard a story about a guy who was delivering papers who, when pulling into a snow covered driveway felt a strange bump, as if he’d run over something. It turned out he’d gone over the snow covered body of the homeowner, who dropped dead shoveling. Not a good way to go.

So I’ve whimped out on shoveling, capitulated to the aging process. Or have I just wised up?

Not that snow blowing is effortless. Sometimes when the snow is deep and heavy and the plow has passed, leaving a compacted berm of dirty snow and ice at the end of the driveway, the wheels of the machine just spin, unable to push through. You really have to lean into it. And there’s also some discomfort.┬áSometimes you just can’t avoid shooting the snow into to wind. If it’s fine and powdery, it blows back a mist of ice crystals that finds it’s way into the smallest chink in your winter armor, making it’s way to your skin. It also freezes on your face, which makes for some great Old Man Winter looks.

Not to mention the possibility of injury. Think about pairing an accident prone person like me with a set of spinning blades attached to a self propelled platform. I know there’s a deadman’s switch, but if anyone can figure out how to take advantage of a formula for disaster, it’s me.

Wish me luck.

6 thoughts on “Be careful what you wish for

  1. Haha. I have an old Honda electric but often just use the Garant Yukon pusher because it is faster than hooking up the cords, and I’m tired of gas motors in the cold.
    No lifting. Widowmaker.

  2. Greg and Jim, thanks for commenting. It’s always good to hear from long time (not old) friends and I love comments here.

    The big Toro usually starts on the first pull if you fiddle with the choke properly.

    I try to avoid power tools as well, the only thing I learned in shop class.

  3. You call what you’re wearing “winter armor”? Looks more like Scandinavian Stylin’ to me. The Suburban Blower! ­čśë

  4. Hah. Thanks for commenting Ronn. I had the same thought when I used that photo. Actually that was taken a few years back on a much milder day. That sweater is my go to when it’s cold in the house. It has a thermal lining. Hell I’m only a quarter Swedish.

  5. I love shoveling snow.
    Raised where it was a reminder that we live in a land of changing seasons.
    First, West of the Triple Cities in New York.
    Next, in snow belt Rochester, Minn.
    Then, in snow-wimpy Maryland.
    Followed by Michigan, with as much as I enjoy, and generally light enough for me to use shovel rather than snow blower.
    I love shoveling snow more than using the snow blower.
    But either way, in Michigan, the seasons keep changing.
    A mozzie!
    Then, a stink bug!
    Global warming.
    Climate change.
    I have a sniffle and cough.
    Is it Zika?
    I love shoveling snow.
    Consider the alternatives.

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