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Just finished shoveling, it’s pretty warm, nine degrees. That’s above. Wasn’t too bad after I went inside and put a hoody on between my jacket and my fleece shell. Not much snow, and it wasn’t mush snow, so it was pretty easy to dispatch. I used two shovels. One broad one with a long wooden hand and no grip on the end, kind of shaped like a snowplow, which I guess makes sense. I use this to push as much snow to the sides as fast as I can. Then I follow behind with something that looks like an old time coal shovel, only the bucket is plastic. I use that to lift and throw snow as far as I can to prevent giant walls growing up next to the driveway. You’d be amazed at how much can build up in a winter when you don’t have any thawing period for awhile.

I’m allergic to shovels, every time I touch one I get short of breath, my heart rate goes way up, I break into sweat and I have severe bone and muscle aches the next day.*

The kid next door was out shoveling in a t-shirt. He was just dusting off the front entry, but still, what was he thinking?

*Steve Everest’s schtick, don’t know where he stole it.

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