Accidently in the doghouse

I’m in trouble. Through no fault of my own, I might add. I took today off for no particular reason. Becky usually has Mondays off and I think she might have been a little irritated that I was impinging on her time alone in the house. She’s also not very open minded about how I like to spend my free time. I’m pretty good at doing nothing. I like doing nothing. When the day began I told her I’d reached the point of no return on the book I was reading and intended to finish it before I did anything else. Then I spent some time doing research to try to understand some of the literary allusions in the book. Then I took a nap. She wasn’t very sympathetic to my need for a nap. But I like to nap and it’s my day off.

When I woke up we decided to go Christmas tree shopping. I am not a huge fan of Christmas tree shopping and without little kids around, it really doesn’t hold much charm for me. In most cases I would pick the first tree that I saw that wasn’t completely deformed. Becky tends to want to closely examine every tree in the lot. At least once. I tend to get impatient. These kinds of outings are a recipe for strife in this marriage. Blessedly Beck picked a tree very quickly, there really weren’t many to choose from in this lot and they were all the same price so that eliminated one aspect of the decision making process. We made the purchase and hauled our little jack pine out to the car. It fit in the back of the station wagon with just a little bit of the top sticking out. Beck started to adjust the position of the tree to see if it would fit all the way in. “Let’s just leave the back open,” I suggested and she wondered if it would fly open. I had a long piece of twine and decided to tie the tailgate down. I started tying a knot to the tailgate, and pulled it down to get a better look at what I was doing. I pulled it down at the same time she was sticking her head into the car to arrange something. I wacked her on the head with the tailgate. There was no blood and no loss of consciousness but it had to really hurt. Things have been rather icy around here this evening. She’s accused me of trying to kill her.

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