The silence of the drive shall be broken

I drive a beater. Actually I love my car, it’s not sexy on the outside, a ’92 Accord wagon. But with a manual transmission, it’s a sports car in grocery getter clothing. I’m holding tight for as long as I can, I’ll have girls in college ’til ’10. But the radio died about six months ago and that makes the drive pretty vacant. I found out how cheap you can get a CD player installed, but my wife is such a skinflint that she didn’t think I should spend a honeybee on a car that might not last through the winter. I might not last through the winter without tunes! And how am I supposed to know what’s going on without public radio!! So the little sweety got me one for Christmas. We’re headed for Best Buy while the Christmas Turkey carcass boils away to make stock for the wild rice soup that we’re making with the 5 pounds of wild rice left over. And tomorrow I can boogie into work!

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