Lady Lions crush Gophers behind record setting Mazzante.

Kelly Mazzante showed the silky smooth shooting touch and quick release that earned her the record for most points scored by any Big 10 players. With a tough supporting cast that out hustled the Gophers throughout the second half Kelly and the Lions pulled away at the end to win by 19. Mazzante got a steal early in the second and went coast to coast for the record eclipsing hoop. The victory puts Penn State in the driver’s seat for the Big 10 title. They play the Gophers at Williams Arena on February 8. Mazzante is about 300 career assists behind Lindsay Whalen who also is a 2000 point scorer. And I’m sure no one thought I was goiing to continue to be magnanimous thoughout this paragraph.

I do most of the cooking at our house. I enjoy it and frankly I can cook circles around my wife. I am blessed with a great memory for taste. I can still call up the flavor of a Special Export or Wild Turkey in my imagination even though it’s been almost twenty years. I’m always looking to expand my repertoire. So on Saturday when my eyes fell on a can of lima beans at the grocery store, I decided I would take on the ultimate culinary challenge, make lima beans edible. Remember when you were a kid and your mom tried to get you to eat lima beans. The texture of soggy cardbooard, flavored with yard clippings and dandelion milk. And it seemed like each bean was about the size of your fist.
I decided to do a variation on a theme that I’ve seen before with other legumes. The real trick to making those vegetables that you hated as a kid taste good is to straighten out their PH balance. You have to add some acid to the mix to cut the bitterness. If you are into heart healthy food, stop now, just reading this recipe is worth a .1 jump in your cholesterol level. I cut up four strips of bacon and fried them up with onions and garlic. When the bacon was done I added balsamic vinegar and brown sugar and chopped up a sprig of fresh rosemary that happened to be in the fridge as well as a dash of port that I bought for cooking. I opened the cans of beans and discovered that they weren’t the kind that are the size of your fist, but tiny like a regular navy bean. That’s a big plus right there. I nuked the beans and stirred in the sauce. I liked them, I’d do it again, Princess Q had seconds.

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