The official spin

Move on ad.
Trash Bush
Token positive press
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  1. i wish dubya’s mother would have taught him it is impolite to smirk on national television. 

    also realized last night that this is his one speech this year without a $100k minimum per seat.

    and a final thought, does the american public pay for laura bush’s botox injections?

  2. I am usually unable to watch Bush on TV when he speaks.  Mostly because I end up throwing things at the television and since I only have one, I have decided that it is probably not a good idea.  So, NPR all the way.  Bush’s speech was great  . . . for anyone desperate to believe that he is a good president.  He told them what they wanted to hear – not matter if the spin was on 10.  Everything is good.  The economy is growing.  I will cut taxes AND increase program spending.  It can be done – because America is the best country in the whole entire world.  UGH.  I need to write a blog on this.

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