Rush Resolutions Randomness

Since Rush Limbaugh is “resting comfortably” after being rushed to the hospital suffering from chest pains late yesterday, is it OK to make fun of him now? I was tipped off by Rachel Maddow, who tweeted her wishes for a speedy recovery. And then came the inevitable rush of tasteless remarks from those who wish him ill. And then came responses from conservatives who pinned the sentiments of those idiots on all liberals. The circle is unbroken.

But I must say that I had to chuckle over some of the tweets. Like someone suggesting that if surgery were necessary they wouldn’t be able to find a heart, and another who was celebrating the fact that their Rush voodoo doll was working.

And now for the obligatory New Years Resolutions. In the new year I resolve to:

  1. Keep this blog going by posting at least four times a week.
  2. Cut down on the use of the word “I” in this blog by 75%.
  3. Continue to work out regularly and get rid of the sagging pecs.
  4. Get my graphics business going to the point where it makes up the gap between my retirement income and what I used to make.
  5. Expand my cooking repertoire.
  6. Expand my guitar repertoire.
  7. Learn how to spell repertoire.
  8. Do more fun stuff with my wife.
  9. Get out in the woods more.
  10. Get out of the USA at least once.

Caveat: I break resolutions like I break wind, with frequency and fervor, so I refuse to be held to any of these foolish promises.

Finally, on a sports note, the Minnesota Gophers and Iowa State Cyclones are playing in the Insight Bowl today. This is a rivalry that goes back to when the Clone’s Jack Trice, one of college football’s first African American players and the who ISU’s beautiful stadium is named for, died from injuries suffered in a game against the Gophers. Today’s game is a meaningless matchup between two mediocre teams, but I have a minor interest because one daughter is an ISU grad and one is a U of M grad. I owe a small fortune to both. I haven’t been to a Gopher game since OJ Simpson played at Memorial Stadium, but I’ve been to a couple of games at Jack Trice, one where Oklahoma scored something like 70 and I very much admired how the fans seemed to be having a great time even though they were being mauled on the field. And besides, you’ve got to love a team named the Cyclones that have a Cardinal for a mascot. So today I’m going to be a Cyclone fan.

Have a fun and safe New Years Eve everyone!

7 thoughts on “Rush Resolutions Randomness

  1. I was attending Iowa State when the legend of Jack Trice resurfaced. We petitioned the heck out of the university to name the stadium out of him, and after I left/flunked out, they did in fact name the field after him.

    The story of his being stomped on the field by Minnesota players was somehow allowed to fade away.

    As for the Hawkeyes, I did go to school there later, but never stopped being an Iowa State fan. Now I only root for the Hawkeyes against the UM and Ohio State.

  2. your wife isn’t going to let you do any fun stuff if you don’t stop breaking so much wind. at least, that’s how it works in my house…

  3. Mark, Every time I look the picture of Trice, I think he looks like he’s built like Adrian Peterson. He must have been a force. Glad your petition succeeded, I’ve always loved that they named the stadium after him.

    Is there anything on campus named after George Washington Carver?

  4. Bob, I think so, but you have to remember that Iowa State threw me out in 1973 for reasons that might help explain why my memories of the place are so hazy.

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