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Yes folks it’s time again for that annual Fall Harvest Celebration
Formerly Known as the H-Word!

And we all know what that means! It’s time to harvest your favorite large orange gourd and apply your creative talents to converting it to a lamp. Contrary to popular opinion a Jack-O-Lantern is not what the King of Pop was when his hair caught fire, but a glowing vegetable symbolizing the culmination of the growing season and high school football playoffs. Of course I’ve always thought it should be a potato, which is why the Spuds colors are black and orange. But I digress.

Since we want to make sure that no vegetables are harmed (other than a few pulp trees) and that no one brings in roasted pumpkin seeds as a treat, we are challenging to a digital/paper Jack-O-Lantern coloring contest. Feel free to customize your gourd digitally or in the time honored analogue fashion with scissors and marker fumes.

Prizes will have some value. The decisions of the judges will be arbitrary, illogical and final. Bribes will only be accepted in advance and only in the form of chocolate. Please remember the importance of maintaining corporate appropriateness.

Have fun.

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