A letter to Sears customer disservice

Since one of your empoyees accepted a check without
apparently checking any ID on 7/28 you have been harrassing
my daughter to recover the money from the check that you
accepted from the criminal that stole her purse. She has
recieved communication from you and from a bill collector
and she has supplied all of the documentation requested to
verify that the check in question was indeed stolen. Now she
is being harrassed by the Minneapolis Police Department
(actually some vendor in Red Wing posing as the Minneapolis
Police Department) who are threatening to send her to jail.
Never mind that no effort whatsoever was made by the police
to investigate the car break-in that resulted in her purse
being stolen, nor any effort to recover her property.

Since we have in good faith already supplied all the
documentation that you have requested and you forwarded
the case to the police anyway, my question is who at Sears
should I send my bill for the time that I’ve spent trying to
resolve this issue? My professional hourly rate is $150. At this
point, I’ve got about 3 hours into it, so we’re about even.
Payment due on the reciept of invoice.

Thank you.

Bob Keller

One thought on “A letter to Sears customer disservice

  1. I think you shoudl send that to Sears. I’ll bet you could find a lot of managerial email addresses if you paid someone to help you, which I’d add to your bill.

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