I guess the money thing burned up all my luck for the week.

Wednesday: Locked my keys in the car way down in South Minneapolis. At night. Thankfully one of my fellow book group members volunteered to give me a lift home.

Thursday: Left my lights on in the parking lot at work. I had lunch plans with Mountain Man but when I went out to the car the battery was dead.

Friday: Met Lon and MM for lunch at El Loro, our favorite Mexican restaurant that’s not in St. Paul. Took my cel phone out of my pocket and put it on the table. Half way back to work I realized the phone was not in my jacket pocket. I made a U turn and went all the way back to the restaurant. I had already asked the receptionist if they had found a cel, gone back to the table to look for it and was headed to try to find our waiter when I realized it was in my shirt pocket.

My question for you is, should I be allowed out of the house without supervision?

And my answer to Mexispud is: Yes, I believe that the check was the result of the Cingular/ATT Wireless merger.

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  1. And the story doesn’t end! I left my lights on again at the club this morning and had to have Beck come rescue me! I think I need my medication adjusted!

  2. Wow, that is a bad week. You need to start pinning notes to your chest or the bill of your cap.

  3. Did you hear about the engineer who locked his keys in the car?  

    It took an hour to get his family out.

    What about the engineer who left his lights on? 

    He wasn’t worried, because the engine was running, too.

  4. Man, a trip in a VW minibus THAT long had to have been crazy.  I couldn’t believe how tiny that thing is; the word “bus” certainly is misleading in its name.  Beau’s VW has had its problems, but it runs alright for now.  The fumes in the backseat are a bit much, though, and I have trouble traveling in it for more than 10 minutes before I get a splitting headache….this is not a good thing. 

    And don’t feel bad about the cell phone incident; I’ll tell you something to make you feel better.  My mother and I were driving through a TACO BELL once a couple years ago, and she started ordering.  I looked over and noticed she wasn’t talking to the speaker system, but to a trash can.  To be fair, the can had a cover on it that was aimed at the car (to keep the rain out, no doubt) and was a bit awkward looking, but I still laughed about it for a good 15 minutes. 

    -el mexispud

  5. My dad often forgot his key at home like you did. I guess you could hang a tiny bag around your neck and put keys, ID card, credit card and some corns that can pay for phone calls in the bag. Actually myself need to do this pretty soon. My memory is getting worse and worse too.
    Best wishes to you and your family!

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