Tennis tonight. USTA match. The joys of senior tennis, nobody can remember the dam score, and I get to get my ass kicked by guys 20 years older than me. Haven’t played for a week either, so I’ll be really rusty. I’ll report back later on my results. But it’s usually the same. So far I haven’t found a partner who wants to come to the net, so we get stuck in the I formation, one up one back, the other guys get the net and it’s all over. I’m a good net player but I’ll go entire matches without getting set up because my partner lays back and is content to play cross court baseline. I’m no great double player but I do get the fact that aggressiveness is the key. Let’s win or lose at the net. The ball should not touch the ground. Dang it!

I’m getting a little worried about my coloration, maybe I should have my liver enzymes checked. Whaddya think?

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