Old man tennis again tonight. I’m playing better all the time. I made some great shots at the net. We played three tough sets, I practically had to crawl to the car. In the last set I was up two break points on my serve and lost. I did pull off a classic serve and volley point though. I got my serve down the middle hard and Glen got all of it on the return cross court and right to me. I was moving in and vollied it hard cross court right back at him and just kept coming behind it. I was all the way to the net when his next shot crossed over about dead center and I blew one by him right at his feet. On the flip side there were at least two occasions when I thought I had overheads lined up, took a big swing and went under the ball. I guess I was thinking I could still jump. The best part of the night was when we when Glen was introducing my partner and I to the new guy. My hearing sucks but not as bad as this guy. Although it’s almost impossible for anyone over fifty to hear anything in an indoor tennis court.
Glen: “Joe this is Don.”
Joe: “Scott?”
Don: “Yup”
Glen: “And this is Bob.”
Joe: “Bud?”
Bob (in his mind) “Never mind.”
I like Scotty and Bud as names for a doubles team anyway. It’s got that cable knit sweater and wooden raquet feel about it. “Muffy, be a dear and bring us some gin and tonics please.”

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  1. so.  you pulled off a classic, served down the middle – hard! – and glen got all of it, you just kept coming behind it, you blew one, went under the ball, got introduced to a new guy – who sucks worse than your hearing, and ordered a g&t for the double teaming. 

    i can’t believe i’ve gone all these years claiming to hate tennis.

  2. i’d skip the tennis and go right for the gin and tonics. and what’s with tennis anyway.  you are in minnesota.  you’re supposed to play hockey. isn’t that a state law or something?

  3. rache is a filthy steenking pervert. That’s why we all love her. But only in a manner that is seemly, of course.

    Also, do you guys spice up your tennis by voting each time on who’ll get to throw the John McEnroe-esque tantrums that day or what?

  4. Me?  Good hearing / defective short term memory.  So I’d hear the name correctly, but forget it one millisecond later.

    Biff… that’s a good club tie kinda name too. 

  5. i hate it when people get my name wrong… and I am too lazy to correct it… one time this guy called me mike for the longest time.. and my name wasn’t mike… and I got a friend name jonathan… but everyone calls him nate because everyone thought his name was nathan for the longest time

  6. Since you are becoming more of a tennis guy you could shave your head and go for endorsments!

  7. I’m about as good at Tennis as I am at stopping a train with my bare hands. Which, by the way, means that I’m not good at Tennis, in the least bit.

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