No, Mel, a sleepy baby peels a lemon.

“blogging makes your brain work.  that’s why it is better than crashing on the recliner.” sportsgoddess.

“I think it’s a wonderful window into people’s thoughts” History_Pig

On January third History_Pig wrote a philosophical entry about how blogging has begun to fill the fellowship and community role of church for him. If you follow his blog, you will see he’s built quite a congregation for himself.
The internet and email seemed to hold this promise for personal communication. The ability to connect so quickly and so universally across the globe would bring forth a revolution in the art of correspondence. What it did was bring about AIM speak, bizzare abbreviation, flames, spam, and forwarding jokes around the planet without a word of comment or greeting. Talk about your vast wasteland. The information super-highway is cluttered with roadside garbage.
And then there’s here. Come to Xanga for laughs, art, advice, new perspectives, tears and ordinance (History_Pig’s New Year’s Eve Blast). The internet makes it so easy for anyone to publish to a huge audience, it’s a dream come true for the closet writer set. So you start publishing your blog and you get responses. “This is cool.” And now you have a readership. And you feel some responsibility to supply fresh material and to not bore them silly. You become accountable. It’s no longer enough to sit in the rocker and say, “that’s something that might make an essay or story.” You need to perform.
Then you realize that no one comes to see you unless you go out and visit them and leave your tracks. So you participate. And you learn different perspectives. And now you have a community. And your brain is working. And you are writing.

Gophers 74 Illinois 59
ISU (Princess L’s future school, I think) beat Texas Tech
leaving the Gophs the last undefeated team in the nation.

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  1. Eskimo child? Golf ball bag? Gold bar sack? Giiiiiant red hat?

    Or I’m retarded at this hour of the night/day because I think if I’m right this very minute–I could have sworn you had something about the picture that told me what it was.


  2. we’ll see who is still undefeated when the sun rises on january 23.  did you catch the article on espn on kelly mazzante?  44 points away now from being all time big ten basketball points leader, men or women.

  3. Couldn’t agree more.  It was particularly refreshing for me, because I don’t do a great deal of socializing in my everyday life, and I spend a good part of my time with 12 and 13-year-olds.  I was starting to feel, after a while, well, basically alone.  I’d go to work, teach a day, barely speak with colleagues because they’re all busy teaching too, of course, and then going home to a wife and my own two kids. 

    When my wife started going to school full time, the amount of time I spent with my only real adult friend was greatly reduced.  So there I was, intellectually and socially degenerating, and I started to blog.  Now I have a few genuine friends from this experience, and just as you said, since there’s a certain sense of obligation (although not such that it’s considered a chore) to one’s audience–just knowing that they’re there–one is forced to think, and process information.  It’s a great mental exercise and, as I said before, a great look into people’s personalities. 

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