This is the view from my computer. Actually it’s the view from the backdoor of my garage. The computer is 10 feet to the right but the screens on the windows make photos look wierd. I live in a second tier suburb, well inside the metro area. But my backyard butts up to the west end of a cemetery that isn’t even half full of graves. The Archdiocese has let the west end go wild so I live next to about nine city blocks of tall grass prairie and hardwood forest. Among the long list of critters I’ve seen out my back window is a wild turkey. Three years ago I was losing a battle with rabbits intent on eating my garden. I would get up in the morning and there would be eight of them grazing in my yard. Then, just before I bought the high powered air rifle, the foxes moved in. There are very few rabbits these days. I’ve identified 53 species of bird from my backyard. In May of ’93, I spotted 23 species in one day. When I die, the plan is to wrap me up and catapult me over the fence.
Princess L, knowing that I was home sick, brought one of the recent victims of her catch and release dating program home to watch Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. I’m going to have my revenge by going in the downstairs bathroom, right next to where they are and making really gross noises and a horrible gaseous cloud that has become my trademark.
Godspeed, friends.

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  1. a neighbor of my in-laws’ keeps a garden, of which he is very protective. he fights a losing battle with groundhogs.  one day he saw one munching, and ran for his rifle.  aims, fires, something explodes in the garden.  “GOT ‘IM!”  he yells triumphantly, and runs to the garden to find that he’d shot one of his eggplants.  bhahhah.

  2. thanks for the comment on my poem…. i enjoyed looking at you site…. throwing the doc acrossed the room was funny not the back pain tho

  3. thanks for the comment on my poem…. i enjoyed looking at you site…. throwing the doc acrossed the room was funny not the back pain tho

  4. that picture reminds me of the ones i took on christmas last year. i should put them up on my online photo album. of course, the last thing i want to see now is snow. like i said to a friend of mine yesterday, i feel like i went to sleep in pennsylvania and woke up in minnesota

  5. You talked about birds.  That’ll get Rache’s attention.  Actually, your rabbit problems notwithstanding, I think it’s great that you have some wilderness nearby.  We’re losing so much of it around here it’s a shame.  Hmm . . . moth balls around the garden?  I’ve heard they keep the rabbits away.

  6. Nice view. Cold, but nice. Having a little nature out back sure beats the typical cookie-cutter suburbia view of your neighbor’s wall…. 10 feet away.

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