I really hate this. I hate it when I’m the stupid asshole in the story. I won’t pain you with the boring technical details, other than to say there was a problem with some order entry today. I didn’t start it but when I went to fix the problem, it still rejected the entry. I got on a conference call with a couple of women who were actually trying to help me. I got all snarky when they started asking me about the details of the order and was giving them the old, “I know that…..I’m (sarcastically) aware of that….” You know being an indignant prick.

About five minutes after I hung up I realized I’d left off one letter in the the product code and that’s why it rejected. That’s one of the suggestions they made that I managed to get all huffy about.

I deal with people all day long who are bent out of shape with me for stuff that’s not my fault and often turns out to be, actually their fault.

We have seen the enemy and he is us.

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  1. Eh, don’t worry about it.  I’m sure they realized you were probably just having a bad day….we all get frustrated…

    -btw, this entry is here 3 times…


  2. I did in fact call back and apologize. I also sent an email to all the people (and there were several) whose time I wasted. Cripes, there are enough problems with this new system that are real without sending people on wild goose chases because I wrote down Q04 instead of Q04P!

  3. see? see? this is what I like. I don’t care if people are human, we all have our less than stellar moments. BUT you saw it, fixed it, owned up to it. they weren’t the assholes.

    so good for you.

    and rache is a dirty whore. thought I’d mention.

  4. Yes, that storm was weird! But I was very glad it happened when I was home – just like old times! Did you every take classes with Wellstone? Green with envy of even the possibility…

    I agree with Rache, it’s probably just PMS.   😛

  5. i’m going with rache on this one, baby.

    but given my day today i do find it wicked cool that you owned up and made the effort to call back and apologize. 🙂

  6. Well that was more than just gentleman like of you to call back and even email those who you were talking about.  Very cool.


  7. Well that was more than just gentleman like of you to call back and even email those who you were talking about.  Very cool.


  8. Great post – I think it’s cool that you called back and apologised.  I think we’ve all had days like these! 

  9. darnit, sandking, I was gonna say “you da man.”  sigh. 
    Oh well, good on you, Bob.  I’ve always found people are always so much more forgiving of us when we own up to our mistakes.

  10. I dig it.  If I could grow a real beard, I would.  32 years old and I’m as patchy as a billy goat’s lawn.  What’s up with that?  I can grow a hell of a handlebar mustache, but that’s about it.  What I want is a beard, dangit.  Is that too much to ask?

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