I wasn’t old enough to pick up on my sister’s romantic life as a teenager, she was in college by the time I was 5. So now that I live in a housefull of women, including two teenagers, I’m getting a new perspective on the boy-girl thing. I know that the archtypical role of the father of young girls is to hate teenage boys, but lately I’m feeling sorry for them. I see them becoming infatuated and then watch my daughters drive them crazy. Someone told me that when young girls have a good relationship with their fathers, they don’t throw themselves into serious relationships with the first boy that comes along. I’ve always felt like I was kind of stoopid about the way I deal with my children, but maybe not. Anyway I’m very proud that these girls seem to be able to handle themselves well in the war between the sexes. I could elaborate with some hilarious examples but that would make for an icy atmosphere here on the edge of the graveyard if they found out I’m publicizing the details of their love lives.
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  1. Oh please, put on a sweater and make with the funny stuff. Not that I’d try to get you in trouble..  nooooo…

  2. Oh don’t do it!  As a recently appointed “grown up” I can tell you not to divulge the info. 

    And I remember my dad’s reaction to my first boyfriend senior year in high school – a guy who i  had known for -oh- 8 years and whose parents my dad knew.  He blew his top.  I’m sure your daughters appreciate you staying cool (they’ll realize this in about 7 years).

    Great blog.

  3. Hahahahaha.  Hopefully they won’t find out about your indiscretions of posting their love lives.  I hope when my kids are old enough I will be able to get away with writing about them without their knowledge.

  4. ah! i blame fathers like you for having daughters that break my heart… haha… just playing… wow… thought of having daughters scare me… wait… just having a kid will scares me… wait… thought of being married scares me… wait… having a very serious relationship scares me… ok… i’ll stop

  5. i threw myself into a serious relationship with the second boy to come along.  married the twerp, too, and now look what’s happened.  i blame you.

  6. I think you are totally right – having a bad relationship with a father really impacts a teenage girl’s boy decisions.  I have had a lot of serious interest in this topic over the last 6 years  – as I have been in therapy exploring my own life decisions, as well as getting a bit closer to the child bearing years.  (I don’t want to make the same mistakes!!)  I would say “hooray” that they are doing the dumping now – it means that it doesn’t matter that much to them.  Which it probably shouldn’t at this age.  Yeay for good fathers!!!

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