I stayed calm (not my strong point) and called the manager of Quinn’s manager. I started out asking about the incident of the shirt. She started to tell me the details of the events, which Quinn already had. I interupted her by saying, “I really don’ need all the details,” I told her what FB was threatening to do and she blurted out, “Oh no, we can’t do that. We’ve been running this place for umpty up years and we know that we can’t do that?”

Then I questioned her about the high turnover rate of her teenage employees and wondered if it might have something to do with FB. She informed me that they had several girls that worked all through high school and have only had problems lately. She got very defensive about FB and told me all of her good qualities. How they would never let her go. Sounds like maybe she’s been down this path before. I never mentioned anything about letting FB go. And anyway, I think FB might be in deep trouble if she were out trying to compete in the job market. She might have to start brushing her teeth more than once a week.

Anyway Quinn had already put in her notice followed in short order by her only other trained co-worker. Quinn is much more calm. Before we went to bed last night I asked her what she wanted to do, go confront FB herself or have me intervene. I told her I didn’t care which, but whatever happened she would not be taking the docking. We decided to sleep on it. When I got up in the morning she agreed that I should handle at least the initial contact. But she expressed in her dramatic way that she was nervous about me flying off the handle. I’m kind of volatile and I have a ferocious temper. I have these out of body experiences. It’s a family thing. My dad, both my Siblings. My sister is really volcanic. Red headed fury. This is were she gives me a dirty look and says, “Auburn.” I think she’d work a tssk in there somewhere too.

I promised to stay calm. Later in the day she called me at work and on my cel to warn me that her business teacher told her that businesses could actually dock employees checks. Now I’m going to have to straighten her out too. I assured Quinn that was not the case and told her that I had talked to the uberboss and everything was hunky dorey. We had a nice convesation.

Quinn is cool. Quinn is a force of nature. The Mighty Quinn.

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  1. you did great. the scary part of this is the teacher spreading misinformation. No wonder kids get taken advantage of… but that’s a whole ‘nother fight, perhaps best left til Quinn is out of school.

  2. The thing about the teacher is that she’s young. She was basing her beliefs on the experiences of her friends, waiting tables. So there are probably lot’s of restaurants out there doing it. They would never have gotten away with it at the place I worked. But then we were a pretty crusty lot, even in our twenties.

  3. It still doesn’t seem quite kosher to me.  Maybe there’s some confusion over the “docking” situation.  But as someone who does (and has also done several times in the past) payroll, I know that the business has to account for the transaction.  The best case scenario for accounting would be if she wrote the business a check.  But I am appalled that they don’t just let this go, and learn something about communication….Oy.  At the very least, there would be some income tax violation, I’m sure.  BTW, for all of the jokes about purchasing china with your paycheck, I never worked in a restaurant that actually made employees pay for breakage, or other minor losses.

  4. What a great dad  It’s so great you and your children can speak like that in such a civil and loving tone.  I’m glad everything’s working out, and I sure hope it continues to go so smoothly.


  5. no excuse for ignorance when info is seconds away on the computer! i’d talk to the teacher asap and give her a print out so she can present accurate info to her charges.

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