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  1. eh, that’s what I thought about my endroom here in the dorms and the heater being out…then I realized I could get someone to fix it for me for free…called and left a message last night to find that after I went to get a coke with a friend they “broke into” my room to check the problem.  That was a little unnerving.  Then this morning they woke me up a couple hours early to fix the problem.  I’m really not bitter about it (psyched my heater’s finally working), but I should’ve just waited until later today to call so they could’ve just come in the afternoon….


    ps. Yea, I know, my comment is longer than your post, but your post just inspired me…you artists are good at doing that apparently.

  2. Amen….except I think I kinda would like campus facility management to come fix my electrical outlet…that makes all sorts of other things “broken.”

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