It’s -4 in Minneapolis today. Fortunately my boss is out in Denver so I’m parking in her indoor spot. I used to have my own space in the garage, but suddenly you can’t swing a dead cat around here without hitting a director, so I’m back to parking outdoors. Oh, well, I’m a man of the people.

As I sat at El Loro eating enchiladas poblano at lunch I was horrified, well amused, to see a young woman walking into the place wearing sandals. And I’m not talking Birkenstocks with wool socks here, I’m talking high rise platform flip flops and no socks!

I think Darwin will be stepping in soon.

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  1. At a school function, I noticed many of the young girls had on flip-flops. I was astounded…they were walking though the snow in flip-flops that were made for the beach, for Pete’s sake!

  2. Dude, it was -43 in Calgary yesterday, or so my spies tell me. So, you know, things could always be worse.

  3. I saw beach flip flops being worn on otherwise bare feet out on the chicago civic center plaza, xmas 2003.  un-bee-liev-able.  And it was cold, oh yes.  have these people developed anti-freeze for blood?

  4. I’ve never figured out the sandals in winter. And I never want to live anywhere where I need to plug my car in when I park. West Michigan (12F right now) is plenty cold enough for me.

  5. Was she blonde? 

    There’s that dead cat expression again…. I love the cartoon down there, btw 🙂  That was something I always thought was fun working as a caricature artist; we were always making cartoons of our bosses and fellow employees.  Ah, how I miss it…now I fix computers and take notes all day….


  6. OOOH, the iPod minis are sweet.  I’ve already got a hard-disk Mp3 player, and I just can’t justify getting another (spending that much money again, I mean).  However, the new iPod shuffles are USB flash drives, and I’ve been meaning to buy one of those so I can take home stuff from work more easily.  🙂  Ah, how excited I am.  And by my pigmentation do you mean she was a half breed like me?  😉


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