Shake my booty


Just four months after being minus a knee, I was shaking it at my wife’s office party. Although if you ask me this photo looks more like I’m taking a leak, but that’s beside the point.

The girl’s are home, which is great, but it does disrupt my quiet empty nest existence and exponentially increase the household hormone levels. Poor Quinn, when she moved into her apartment on campus, she took her bed with her and Mom converted her bedroom to a reading room. So she’s home for the holidays and has had to sleep on an air mattress, which leaked and on the hide a bed couch in the family room.

Lucia arrived at the airport from her semester in Italy at 1:30 yesterday morning. We probably were up until 4 and then were awakened by the credit card security folks to tell us that someone was using our card on the east coast. Turns out they can put a chip in a card reader and copy the info on your magnetic strip and use it to make a duplicate of your card. Fortunately they caught it and we won’t be on the hook for any charges. But it sucks to be waiting for a new card at this time of year.

3 thoughts on “Shake my booty

  1. hey, taking a leak still requires standing, so it’s all good.

    happy christmas, bob-o.  (and also, thanks a lot for cutting off my new-found credit line.  now how am i supposed to shop?)

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