This morning I entered the office elevator on the ground floor. I used my security card and pressed three to get up to my cube farm. As I pressed the button a dismbodied voice asked, “Are you going to the fourth floor sir?” I froze, my palms began to sweat, I was thinking hard…was this a trick question? I began to stutter, “Ummm….there is no f-f-f-fourth floor!?!”
The voice said, “I mean third.”
“My toolbox is right outside the door, be careful.”
I got off, there was a toolbox there. I still don’t know where the voice was coming from.

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  1. thenarrator got it right…

    Submitted for your approval… an artist on an express elevator to the fourth floor of another dimension… and a private cubicle in… The Twilight Zone.

  2. Wow, those are powerful voices in your head, they can also make you see things.

    On your way out, please watch the giraffe in the parking lot, it’s mine.

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