I volunteered, I should say I was volunteered, to work the clock in a youth basketball tournament today. Four games, starting at 7:45. I would have been an hour late if the clock on my computer didn’t spring ahead automatically. The games were young boys, fourth graders and maybe fifth graders. Pretty cute. Some of it was pretty brutal basketball though. By the fourth game I was having a hard time concentrating and my friend Deb who was keeping the book and the refs and the fans had to keep yelling at me to start the clock.
UConn beat the Gophers so the Lyndsay Whalen era is now over. But I think Minnesota is going to have a great Women’s hoops program for years to come.
Obviously I’m too tired to come up with anything either entertaining or informative.
Good night.

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  1. hah, fourth and fifth grade basketball, yeah, it’s pretty nuts but always funny. definitely distracting for clock management. I like the clock in soccer better. It just runs…

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