One dang thing after another!


I think my wife, Becky says it best:
The fun just doesn’t stop at our house.

Bob was crutching (is that a word?) into the house Saturday night, lost his balance and fell backwards onto the concrete garage floor. Yeah you read right. Luckily he didn’t crack his head open and we got him into the house and into bed. We were hoping he was just a little banged up but Monday morning he still couldn’t get out of bed or even move without severe pain. I called the Dr. and they said we better come in for an x-ray, so one of the neighbors came over to help me get him into the car. After about one minute we knew that wasn’t going to work so I called 911 and an ambulance came and took him to Methodist.
Sure as shit………broken hip. But as the surgeon said: it’s a “good” break. Clean. Typical. Standard procedure. Uh huh. Anyway he had surgery Monday night. Apparently they just put a screw in there and you’re good to go.

And as Lucia said: at least it’s on the same side (the knee-less side!)
There’s always a silver lining ………..somewhere.

The photo is of me in my cell room at the rehab center. I spent eight fun filled days . There are stories. I will tell them later.

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