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lowimpactSaturday night we attended a cultural milestone event. The wedding of the youngest and last unmarried daughter of close friends. The cultural significance of this event is that the fun level of weddings is going to drop significantly now. These folks really know how to throw a party. Unlike the Kellers who have been advising their daughters to elope since they were marching their Barbies down  the aisle. There’s no money here for big weddings! But I’m sure our friends will continue to find excuses to party.
During the dinner, we sat at a table of friends and neighbors, the two other men at my table are that kind irritating fitness enthusiast (I diplomatically avoid the term “nut”) that likes to talk about there last marathon or that nice easy three hour ride they went on last week in the rain. The conversation got around to biking and I was encouraged to get out and start riding. It’s the best exercise with the least impact on the rest of your body! It would be great for your knees! There’s those great trails just over on the other side of this golf course that it seems to take me a half hour to drive to.
Don’t get me wrong. I could use a good workout routine. I’m in terrible shape.

I spent 6 months without putting any weight on my right leg, so pretty much on my ass. I’ve come a long way from that…. but, I don’t think they understand that I’m proud as punch, and breathing hard, after a 3 mile walk. I used to be in great shape, I maintained my conditioning by playing basketball three or four times a week, I was kind of a basketball bum in the 70’s. Basketball was pretty much my sole aerobic exercise. Which is limiting, hence the artificial knee and the other one that probably should be replaced.
So my biking friends were telling me what good low impact healthful workout cycling was. OK. Then they proceed to say, “You do have to watch for cars.”
“Yeah, you have to make sure you look them in the eye.”
“There was this guy who I just knew wasn’t going to stop, I could just sense it and sure enough he didn’t.” So what if you aren’t psychic?
And then they proceeded to enumerate their recent concussions! Yeah right there in the middle of the Boone and Rockford, one of the busiest intersections around, my pedal broke and I woke up laying in the middle of the street, my helmet was smashed and I couldn’t remember my name. Luckily no cars hit me. Good thing my brother called and had my wife come home when I wasn’t making any sense on the phone. And the other guy says yeah, some woman found me on the trail. All I knew was my phone number, so she called my wife to come get me. I couldn’t remember anything. Low impact? Yeah, maybe if you discount the Brain!
I guess I’m feeling a little fragile, with all my metal parts. My wife tells me that they’re fanatics, I don’t have to take the chances they do, it would be good for you. This coming from the woman who shattered her wrist falling off a bike that was standing still.
So, maybe I’ll go see Paul, one of the bikers, and see about upgrading my bike.

3 thoughts on “Low Impact

  1. Biking is great and the sense of empowerment can’t be surpassed.
    Getting around town on your own power, with the wind in your face and so much faster than walking is a good feeling.
    But, you do have to be careful, wear a helmet, pay attention to cars, make sure they see you, etc.
    I am lucky to be in a place that is used to student craziness and watches out for it, so I get along pretty well.

  2. As a fanatic, I’d justt like to say I enjoyed a nice concussion-free road ride this morning.

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