I’m Tired.

New heights of putzdom were reached today. You may remember that I recently put snow tires on the car. I got steel rims and cheap plastic wheel covers, one of which quickly fell off and was never seen again. I’ve been driving around looking like a hillbilly. So I bought 4 new cheap plastic wheel covers (I don’t think you can buy just one) and went to the hardware store and bought a rubber mallet for putting them on.

I removed the old covers (the new ones don’t match) replace them and as I was putting the tools away I saw that there was a rubber mallet on the workbench. I’d already bought one with this job in mind.

So I headed back to the hardware store to return the mallet. When I returned to my car I saw that one of the new hubcaps had already fallen off. Retracing my tire tracks, I saw it laying out in the middle of Winnetka Avenue. I parked in the cemetery and braved the traffic to pick it up. Of course it had been already run over and was toast. So now I have six usable hubcaps, no four of which match and I’m going with the bare steel wheel look. I think it fits my hardcore sensibilities.

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