This weekend I went to Surdyk’s Liquor Store and Gormet Cheese Shop. It started out when I asked MM to solder a broken connection in my Strat. Well we had to go to his office for the tools and then since he had me along we drove over to Nordeast (as any true Minneapolitan calls Northeast Minneapolis) and the coolest liquor store in town. But of course I’m not too interested in the booze….but oh the cheese. Steve was looking for Grana for a recipe and I just can’t resist a good stinky cheese so I bought a big chunk of Stilton and some other assorted goodies like chocolate and pear mustard.

Dang, I love stinky cheese. Today I found one of the truely great flavor combinations. A nice ripe pear smeared with some really ripe cheese. MMMM-MMMM. I also made myself a scrambled egg sandwich with, that’s right, stinky cheese.

With my acoustic in the shop for some tweeking and my Strat non functional I was kind of going crazy, so it’s really nice to get a functioning guitar back….but it probably would have been cheaper to just take it to the shop, given what I spent at the Deli.

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  1. What is your wife’s take on rancid smelling diary products??  Glad to hear that your guitar is back in music making position.

  2. cheesegasm spasm:  specialty bagel (toasted to perfection) trader joe’s apple smoked sausage (sliced lengthwise in half and grilled)  trader joe’s pepper jack cheese (melted lovingly on top).

    guitar playing in the background, hot dog!

    🙂  lisa

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