He’s Back!

Not much going on. Playing the guitar, smoking cigars and going to Gopher Women’s Basketball games. I wish we didn’t have to be so politically correct so I could just say the “Lady Gophers” but that’s just so twentieth century.

I’ve taken to hanging out at a local smoke shop. Since I don’t drink, it’s kind of a nice male bonding thing to do. Gets me out of the house and makes me smell really bad.

Rebecca’s laptop went belly-up just before Valentine’s. Although I had no intention of replacing it, I was browsing Craig’s list and found someone selling a brand new MacBook for $850. They’d won it in a silent auction and weren’t really interested in having a Mac (poor misguided fools). They thought it was the low end one and I couldn’t really tell from the packaging. I offered them $800 and they took it. I got it home and when I fired it up it was the next level up. 2GHz, 1GB RAM, 80 GB drive. That model retails for $1300. I never get deals like that!

I also just used my bank card points to get an 80 gig iPod. I can put all my music, my photo collection and a couple of movies on it and still not dent it’s capacity.

I just watched the Dixie Chicks video, “Not Ready to Play Nice.” Now I’m not a big Dixie Chicks fan, but after what the country radio assholes did to them after they spoke out against the war, I found the video very moving. It’s really cool.
I love old time country and I’m really a redneck by heritage, but I guess I’m a redneck with blue state politics.

Guilty pleasure: The Wreckers

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