As Soon As Possible.
I hate that term. What does ASAP mean to you. Here’s what I think when someone tells me they want something ASAP. I think they don’t give enough of a fuck about it to care about when it gets done and what it’s priority is so why the fuck should I. I put it on the bottom of my priority list behind all the things from people who have taken the time to figure out where the work fits in their schedules. I can usually accomodate that. When you really never have any downtime, ASAP is pretty much NEVER.
This has nothing to do with my current shitty mood, though.

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  1. i actually have two levels of that:  when someone says “A-S-A-P”, i dislike it.  when someone says “ay-sap”, i kick them in the shins.  usually that’s not hard to do, since 90% of times that’s been uttered to my face, it’s been by a middle-aged man shorter than me. 

  2. I have a cheap slogan for that one… (I have cheap slogans for lots of things…)

    “Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine”

  3. You’d feel much better if you’d just let rache kick you in the shins. Really.

  4. Dammit, I wanted to make the “ay-sap” point, but now I’ll just have to echo it.  It’s something I heard all the time in the army, and true enough, the supposed sense of urgency that comes with it diminishes each time it’s said.  And you know, I have to get back to teaching my class ASAP.

  5. I hate ASAP too! It’s pushy and wishy washy at the same time. Like history_pig I had my fill of ASAP from the military (I was in the marines.) At the U. where I work they’re very good about saying by what date something needs to be done. I don’t think I’ve ever been asked to do something ASAP by my dept. chair. Students, however, are another story. Yesterday a student emailed me his paper (a week late!) and requested I get it back to him ASAP. Grrrrrrr

  6. A-S-A-P my A-S-S.  I think people just do that whole ASAP thing because they can, and because they’re dicks.

  7. Well, I guess next time I’ll just say “Hey you, I need this done STAT!”

    I think that sounds more like you need it done right away, and the word STAT is kind of scary.

  8. I’ve always wondered what STAT meant. Since you always hear it on medical shows maybe it means hurry up or I’ll put a hemostat (that’s roach clip to you rache) on your nipple.

  9. when someone says that to me, I think if it’s so damn important why did you wait so long to get it to me, idiot? but that might just be me.

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