The Snowbirds Return

For Sandking

The spark of intelligence was obvious from a young age.


The hippo posted on April 23rd drew some encouragement to do more of the same. Some folks even suggested that they would buy an alphabet book. So, hell, with advanced sales of maybe three, I’m sure I can get a publisher right away. Rache thinks that I should use adult subject matter (no, not porn).
So here’s the deal. I need a word to illustrate. More specifically an “A” word. And “ass” is just too easy, so forget about “ass”. I’ll pick a word to draw and go from there. My choice will be completely arbitrary, the criteria used will be whatever I feel like at the moment, probably based on my inate ability to find the path of least resistance and whatever looks easiest to pull off. Thanks in advance for your participation.

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  1. dude, you look just like i imagine einstein would at that age. 

    you know, mickey einstein from down the block, the one who had to take the short bus to school and usually needed a clean shirt midway through the afternoon from drooling on the first one.

    adult a words… i wouldn’t want to steal HP’s comment so early in the morning, but there’s always arthritis. 

  2. A is for anus, particularly heinous.

    A is for aging; the hemorrhoids are raging.

    And while we’re on the topic of butts, in the picture you’re reading “Hot Rod” magazine.  Didn’t know you went that way, Bob–not that there’s anything wrong with that . . . but weren’t you a little young?

  3. ass-tronaut? Yes, that was inspired. Abbatoir?

    Sandking is onto something there. Or, more appropriately, just on something. Probably not sold over the counter. I need me some.

  4. f is for fleener, a big stinky weiner.

    i know, i’ve made that rhyme before, but somehow?  it just never gets old.

    v’s for vagina.  there ain’t nothin’ fina.

  5. haha.. hot rod… is that what you are reading? or is it something liek fishing rod… looks like a fish on the cover

  6. Hot Rod magazine. You know with dragsters. Uh. y’know CARS! Chopped and channelled 32 Ford Roadsters with solid chrome 289’s, reverse chrome wheels and flames painted on the side. Or Double A Fuelers that turn a 5.5 quarter. I was a car nut, but only in my mind. I suck at mechanical shit.

  7. It was amazing what the gearheads would do to those cars. 

    re: migratory birds… ha!  spotted one didja?  Sporting the government sponsored bumper sticker.  shee.  pity us.  Our legislative org chart has two Bushes on it.  Jeb isn’t as dumb as his big bro… he’s a devious piece of work.  Perhaps worse than GW in that respect… more adept.

  8. (since Sandking & Rache did AB&C, I thought I’d contribute D-I)
    D is for Depends, when it comes out too quickly
    E is for Ex-Lax, when you’re stopped up and sticky
    F is for fiber, which will helps clean out the intestines
    G for gastroenterologist, who treats indigestion
    H is for hemorrhoids, that burn, itch and swell
    I is for icepack, when your bum feels like hell


  9. no word idea from me, but i did want to tell you that on your recommendation, i bought a copy of the lolita book at book sale last night. $4 for a perfect hardcover edition. i look forward to reading it when i make it that far on my reading list.

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