This is so typically Bob.

I met a very attractive young woman that’s working temporarally in our office. I’d heard her spoken of and thought I new her name. She asked me what my last name was and made some comment about me being a legend, and I said something like that and “you’re (last name is) Fox”

She got a wierd expression on her face and said, “I’m a fox?” Well she is but that’s not really the thing to say to someone in the corporate (stick up the ass) environment.

I replied, “You’re name, Samantha Fox, right?”

“Um, that’s an eighties porn star.”

Well at least I got the Samantha part right! That goes on the ten top most embarrassing moments. Nothing like getting wood while giving a speech in front of the class in sixth grade though.

And I never got to ask her about the legend thing.

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  1. Man, and she knew right away who Sammantha Fox was, too.  This has probably happened to her before.  That story is just too hilarious.


  2. Well, I knew there was a singer in the 80’s named Samantha Fox, but I wasn’t aware of porn stars with such a name. She should probably do some research before she gets pissed off, get to know her 80’s music icons. .

  3. OT to Shapely, that particular Samantha Fox was both a singer AND porn star — a woman of many talents, the least of which was knowing how to market herself. 
    And now I hear she’s also a lesbian (not that there’s anything wrong with that).
    Now I’m wondering if maybe Bob was an 80s porn star as well and he just hasn’t shared that part of his life with us yet. (since the young lady seems to have a handle on her obscure 80s porn stars…)

  4. Yuo never know when 80’s porn star trivia is needed.  Now if only those sixth graders didn’t know that.

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