Weird atmospheric phenomenon Saturday night. When I first saw it I thought it was the Northern Lights. But they were in the west, and in fact all around, and the sky was overcast. Everywhere in the city columns of light were shooting vertically into the sky, like lasers. It must have been the combination of ice crystals in the air and the stiill night that was causing any bright light on the ground to project itself straight up.

I’m sitting at my computer watching a squirrel spin around on the suet feeder we have suspended in space from the tree. He jumps from the trunk to the feeder and grabs onto the cage that holds the suet. He’s hanging upside down enjoying a nice meal. Bushy tailed tree rat.

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  1. I vote for some sort of top-secret military project, that whole “natural phenomenon” thing just sounds too plausible for my tastes.

  2. Out here in Arizona we get these giant star-like lights, sometimes just one sometimes two or three. The news stations always get inundated with calls whenever they appear.

    They aren’t low enough to be towers for the airports yet not quite high enough to be stars. Some people swear they move and blink, others swear they stand perfectly still.

    Of course, we have both Luke and Williams Air Force Base, so more than likely its some military manuever. The news stations tend to brush off the appearance of them.

    Me, I like to pretend they’re giant stars and make wishes on them. 🙂

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