What’s wrong with this picture?

We are in an intractable war, where we are spending huge amounts of money and losing lives daily. The war is getting worse by the day and there is no strategy to get out. We are facing a looming ecological disaster, a possible deadly flu pandemic, inevitable fuel shortages and a precipitous decline in our world status.

And what is the United States Senate doing for the next three or four days? Debating a constitutional amendment to prevent gay people from getting married. One that, even if it were a good idea, has absolutely no chance of going anywhere.

3 thoughts on “What’s wrong with this picture?

  1. well gee, the senate needs to keep its priorities — pandering to the evangelical base, seeing that they are the only ones in the country who matter.

  2. Interesting information…this country…infuriating. 

    We’ve already sat by and watched this Administration throw us backwards, or to the far right, perhaps.  The scarey part is the “watching” and not “doing” anything about it…and we have one and a half years left…continuing on the current path, a whole lot can happen between now and then. 

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