Don’t Fuck With The Constitution!

Just when I thought the White House had reached the limits of cynical, dishonest and mean spirited self promotion and stupidity, they announce that they are backing a constitutional amendment that would ban gay marriage. I don’t care if you are the most virulent homophobe in the fifty states, this should make you cringe. It’s a bad idea! “Those who can’t remember history are doomed to repeat it.” Anyone remember prohibition? (No jokes about me being alive then) That was a constitutional amendment. Worked great didn’t it.
Not that I think it has a chance of actually happening. It’s a cynical attempt to polarize the coming election. “So, Mr. Kerry, you’re against the marriage amendment? You don’t believe in marriage? You’re in favor of homosexuality?” Let’s just split this country apart a little more. God, I hope this thing backfires. I hope that even the social conservatives see it for what it is. I hope that it mobilizes the political margins (more likely). I think the bushmiester is vulnerable right now. I’m also convinced that they have some stunt up their sleeves that will shoot their ratings over the top as we get nearer to November. Wanna bet that Osama turns up dead around, say October 20th? They probably have him in a cave somewhere, just waiting for the most politically advantageous time to drill him and say he was killed in a raid to capture him.
Mark my words, dreamfish.

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  1. i have october 25 in the osama pool (my birthday — i can see bush ruining it).  but the bushies style is to grab on to people’s emotions, not their sensibilities.  that’s what they are grasping at now.  outrage them over gay marriage rather than deal with the misinformation coming from the white house

  2. osama is gay, you know.  see?  if gay marriage had been banned, he never woulda been born, and then none of this every woulda happened.

  3. Kerry says he supports “civil unions” for gays– he is not supportive of gay marriages nor will he support Bush’s (save the In Defense of Marriage Act!) Amendment that will exclude same sex marriages.

    These politicians sure like to wrangle over sematics don’t they? Once that civil liberties ball gets rolling it’s damn near impossible to stop…

    but I have a question– are same-sex marriages recognized legally anywhere else in the world? Just curious.

  4. I would like to think that this brazen attempt at imposing religious values on the population will be met with LOUD rejection.  These fuckers didn’t learn shit from Prohibition, because they always think that their current cause is more riteous than anyone else’s previous failed ones, however congruous they really are.

  5. Well predicted. I know, since…well…I’m psychic.

    hahaha. okay, that was just slightly arrogant.

    I was just hoping it’d backfire too.

  6. Well, my newspaper is reporting today that Osama’s capture is imminent, that US Special Forces soldiers are monitoring his movements by satellite, having narrowed his whereabouts down to several dozen square kilometres in a mountain region that straddles the Pakistan-Afghan border. I’d rather he got caught tomorrow than closer to the election, at least in part because, yeah, you know the Repubs’ll make as much hay with his capture as they possibly can.

  7. This is how this group grabs power, by lying about emotional issues to under-educated or under-intelligent voters who’d all probably do better if the other side won the elections. “Sure you lost your job, but hey! we stopped gay marriages!” “Sure you have no health insurance, but hey! we stopped gay marriages!”

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